Miss Sea Breeze

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Miss Breeze is big heart and kind soul in lusciously feminine package. Her enthusiasm for vintage, photography, science fiction, steampunk and pin up are giving her lots of inspiration, in life and in burlesque. Not to mention her love for shiny, sparkly bits and glamour.

In her performances Sea loves to combine something sparkling, something surprising, something beautiful and sometimes something ugly, just to give audience the element of surprise and emotions. She uses both old and new music to get the desired atmosphere on her acts and combining old and new is continuous theme in her life.

Proving that the difference between Twilight and True Blood, is that in True Blood Lafayette is the only thing that glitters, was the new vampyress Sea Breeze. This routine is full of energy and passion, and was well executed, you would not have known it was her first solo performance.
T.T. Tassel, 6. Mar 2013

Sea Breeze is taking bookings for private performances and shows. See her repertoire at the Acts-page. She also does burlesque, makeup and costume-making workshops on request. She is professional seamstress and has years of experience on stage makeup and costume-making and is happy to share the knowledge. Contact on email:

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The Valentino Sisters is a burlesque duo of these lovely ladies, Miss Sea Breeze and Miss Lolita Love. These two sweethearts are the Real Thing! Teasing guaranteed!

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